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Believe in horoscope matching and have a blissful marital life

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Astrology is an endless study that deals with past, present and future and sometimes even life after death. So it is one’s own desire to believe in the subject. But mostly in the Eastern part of the country, matching Kundli is a must when a marriage is being fixed.

What is astrology? Is this question ringing in your mind for quite some time? It is a subject that teaches creation of horoscope and which determines the position of celestial bodies. It interprets the existence of human beings on earth. But many consider astrology as science and many do not. It has its own set of disciplines. Whether astrology is real or fake is also a billion dollar question. But the astrology sector is highly growing, lots of astrologers are flourishing in their business and also the internet is now a rich source of information.

What is Astrology

But as far as marriage is concerned more or less everyone starts believing in astrology. This is the sole reason why Indians depend too much on Kundali matching. Marriages are made in heaven but it is decided on earth. It is believed in the Hindu culture that once married it’s a bond for seven long ages. Soon after a child is born his fate is decided by God and that is written in a birth chart. Horoscopes play a vital role during wedding because the eastern culture mainly believes that a happy and successful marriage depends on astrology. Both families of the individuals go deep into the genes, fate and prediction that a marriage seems impossible if birth chart match is not found. You won’t be surprised to hear that the same implies for love marriages.

HoroscopesHoroscope matching is usually done at an initial stage when the marriage is about to be fixed. There are eight main factors that determine whether the eternal bonding is forever. It is also known as Guna matching like the 8 Gunas: Varna- caste mat What is Astrologyching, Tara- Longevity, Vashya- attraction, Gan- mental match, Graha Maitri- friendship, Yoni- Nature, Nadi- child birth, Bhakoot – influence. There are many websites available now where you can match Kundali rather than visiting high paid astrologers.Kundali

So it is always better to perform horoscope matching before getting bonded by love and moving to the next step. If there is no match in birth chart found it is obvious that the marriage will not take place. So if you have marriage plans, perform horoscope match online.



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