Granite worktops: Their easy cleaning and maintenance feature

Fortunately enough, both granite and quartz kitchen worktops are quite easy to clean and maintain. Most of the times, these tabletops can be cleaned with a single wipe (with a clean moist or dry piece of cloth). If you want to keep the tabletops in top condition, you need to clean it regularly with a moist cloth or with a little cleaning agent. A large number of worktop cleaning agents are available in the market today. With them, you can certainly keep the granite worktop in good health.

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The cleaning or maintenance issues of a granite worktop will significantly vary from that of a quartz tabletop. A quartz work surface demands special cleaning as these are normally sensitive to acidic solutions. Lithofin is by far the most effective cleaning tool for the quartz tabletops. With this, you will certainly be able to keep the tabletop in good health. In case of hard or tough stains (such as of oils spills), you must clean the surface immediately with Lithofin products. You can also combine it with detergent solution or rinse it with warm water at a later time. Spilt liquids such as tea or coffee should be cleaned immediately. If they dry, they will be quite hard to remove. In such cases, you will need to clean them with a water-vinegar solution.

Before opting for fireplace surrounds in Rotherham or anywhere else, you need to have a sound knowledge about its characteristics. They are pretty strong and durable in the first place. Moreover, they are tolerant against water, heat or scratches. Therefore, you must clean these tabletops with specialized products or mild detergents.

Even if the granite or quartz work surfaces are quite strong and durable, they should still be handled with care. Mishandling them (by dropping a heavy thing) can cause significant damage. Granite tabletops have a largely veined structure and can get damaged by a heavy impact.

As per the guidelines of stonemasons in Rotherham or anywhere else, you should never place a hot pan or a knife over these work surfaces. Try to use a chopping desk while cutting vegetables. You should also use a tripod while placing a hot pan. This will help you to minimize the thermal shocks. Avoid exposing the tabletops to acidic liquids (such as lemon juice, vinegars) or chemicals like acetone or bleaches.

Keeping these things in mind will certainly help you to keep the worktop in prime form.


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