Hair transplant is a safe an ideal solution for hair regeneration by


Hair transplant is also known as follicle grafting. This involves the replacement of the superficial strip of follicles from the back and the sides of the donor’s head. The strip is divided into fine follicles by magnification and are grafted on the bald head of the recipient. This technique of follicular grafting is known as follicular unit transplantation. Even though this leaves a patch  on the donor’s head, this can be significantly minimised by recent technique. This technique is known as tricophytic sealing. This method is usually the most preferred one. This method usually reduces the follicular wastage as compared to FUE technique.

In addition to this, hair transplant in Kolkata can also be done using other techniques. In the follicular extraction technique, each single follicle is extracted from the back of the donor’s head and inserted into the recipient’s head. The follicles should always be extracted from the durable hair growing regions. The major disadvantage about this technique is that it involves plenty of wastage. The follicles are drawn out using punches of different sizes. Generally the punch sizes should range within 1mm.

Another modern day technique for hair transplant in Kolkata or anywhere for that matter, is the stripping method. Here, near about 2500-3500 follicle wedges are uprooted in one go.The total number of follicles may range between 3500-5000. It produces very good results as a larger area can usually be covered in a single session.

There is nothing to worry about a follicle implantation in general. The patients are completely aware and conscious during the entire surgery. The whole process is carried out under local anesthesia. So, the patients feel no discomfort at all. Age is never a constrain for getting a follicle implantation. One only needs to have a good donor surface for getting effective transplantation results. The patients are advised to apply minoxidil 5% lotion on the scars and take 1mg finesteride tablets after the surgery. But the medication needs to be stopped at least 2 weeks before the next session.

Hair implantation is safe and is certainly the best solution for follicle restoration. So, choose a follicular graft and put and end to your social embarrassments today.


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