Passing the MOT Test – All You Need to Know

As per the UK motor vehicles law, it is mandatory for every vehicle pass the MOT test. The Ministry of Transport Test is compulsory for every vehicle that is more than three years old. Without having this MOT test certificate no vehicle can move on the public roads in any place within the United Kingdom. This test is done annually to check whether the car and its each component are meeting the minimum requirements as set by the law. In short, the test sees whether your car is road trustworthy. However, there is a catch. Possessing a certificate does not mean that your car remains trustworthy for the whole year. It is your duty to make sure that the components are in perfect working condition. So, you need to have the car checked from time to time.

You also need to keep a note on the expiry date of the certificate. If you are a resident in St. Helens, send your vehicle for retest before the last date and get a new certificate. This is usually done on the last month prior to expiry date. Under the stringent UK Road Traffic Act of 1988, it is a legal offence to drive a car without the Mot in St Helens permit. This also invites a fine that can be up to £1,000. This further causes damage by invalidating the car’s insurance policy. So, after that if you meet with any car accident, you need to shell out money from your pocket toward the damage costs.

Many a times a car fails the test because of simple reasons like broken headlight. In this case, you get a “Notification of Failure” certificate. Until you have the car retested you can only drive it to the garage, where you have booked a date for repair or to the MOT test center. You need to retest the vehicle at the same center where the first test was done. So, it is wise to book your appointment for the repairs and inspection with a servicing centre that also carries a license for MOT test. These centers offering car repairs in St Helens are authorized by the government, so you can be assured of their reliability and authenticity.


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