Top indications to know when your vehicle needs a servicing


No matter how costly your vehicle is, it needs servicing at fixed time intervals. Even if it doesn’t show any indications of wear and damage, it’s bound to experience problems after a certain period of time. If you want to avoid massive repair bills, take your car for regular servicing.

Almost every car owner is aware of the importance of regular maintenance for their vehicle. Yet, the fact remains that a majority of the car owners take their automobile for granted and overlook the need of auto servicing. Sadly, they fail to realize a simple thing that routine vehicle maintenance will save money on expensive car repairs. Adhering to the dealer servicing schedule based on your usage and paying attention to the basics will lower repair expenses and keep your vehicle roadworthy.

When your car is new, it doesn’t need much repair work or servicing. However, as time passes by, the parts start wearing out and need timely replacements or servicing. With a thorough car servicing in Warrington, check the alignment of your wheels and the fluid levels (brake, battery, oil, transmission and power steering). Take help of a trained mechanic to do regular tune ups and change the tires, air filters and sparkplugs. With proper wheel alignment, balancing and tire pressure, your vehicle becomes more fuel efficient and the tire wear also lowers down.

CEL or Check Engine Light

If you see that the CEL is on, it’s a clear indication coming from the automobile’s automatic control module.  This module constantly receives signals from switches and sensors under the bonnet and might be an indication of a massive problem.

Screaming brakes

Excessive noise from brakes is a symptom of excessive damage on the brake pads, broken brake calipers or brake drum issues. The pads must be changed immediately and if the problem still continues, you might have to change the brake drums.

Oil light

If you notice that the oil light is on, take a look at the oil level once the engine is off. If you run your vehicle without the proper oil level, it may result in expensive car repairs in Warrington.


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