All You Wanted to Know About Auto Interior Repair


You car is not just about the wheels and battery; the internal parts are as crucial as the mechanical parts. When taking your automobile for regular servicing, take a close look at the internal parts as well. From dashboard to seat covers, you need to take care of everything.

When it comes to auto repair services, the things that instantly come in our mind are wheels, engine, brakes and windshield. While we take our car for frequent Mot in Warrington, we often tend to ignore the internal elements. The interiors of our automobile are as important as the external parts. Whether you’re driving the car or taking a back seat, you see the interior of your vehicle every time you get into it. If it’s dull or shabby, it’ll distract your attention and make your journey depressing. Whether the interiors are damaged or you want to give it an interesting touch, car interior decoration is a trend these days.

A new vehicle does not need any interior renovation but as time passes by, you need to pay attention to it. From seat covers and door panels to carpets and dashboard, everything needs repair or replacement. Begin the auto interior work with dashboard painting. First of all, detach the interior parts and clean those using warm water and mild soap. Next, use a soft piece of cloth to clean the delicate parts like dash board, steering wheel, door cabinets and more. Cover up the other parts and clean the plastic areas using a fine-grained sand paper. Repeat this process and apply a good primer on the parts you wish to re-paint. Let it dry and apply the paint that’s exclusively formulated for your car model. In case of massive damage, consider using a dash cover or vinyl repair kit. These days, dash covers are obtainable in an extensive range of colors and you can choose the one that suits your requirements.

If the headliner is loose, you could feel very awkward and irritating. Formerly, the fiber headliners were not a big issue, but the heavy headliners in today’s vehicles are at times disturbing, particularly while driving. If it’s beyond damage, you may have to replace the entire set. For this, consider taking professional help – an agency that’s experienced in this field of work.


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