Solve your space issue with easy home extensions

Builders in Letchworth

In the last years, a lot of changes and trends have ruled the housing market – home extensions being one of them. The house that seemed so spacious and roomy at the time of purchase now appears cramped and cluttered.  If you have been thinking of shifting to a new house and new location, think again; just imagine the hassle of moving on to a new locality, making new friends or arranging new schools for your children. Now, the big question is – what’s the way out? With Builders in Letchworth, your home not only gets some additional space but it also increases the value quotient of your home.

These days, people are not really concerned about earning some extra cash with a home extension project. Rather they lay more emphasis and stess on enhancing the functionality of their home so all the family members can benefit from it.

For instance, an extra bathroom or bedroom is always welcome particularly when you need to attend guests at home. As your family begins to outgrow your present home, soon the tensions start to crawl in – the major clash point revolving around the bedroom and washroom. Building one more bathroom or bedroom will ease out the tensions between everyone and bring back the peace needed for an ecstatic home life.

If your home extension is going to change the external appearance of your home or if it goes beyond the official limit, it’s important to check whether you need any special planning permit. It’s also advisable to have a clear discussion with your neighbours, explaining your real intention behind home extension. You also need to make sure that the noise of the construction work doesn’t exceed the permitted limit. Chances are that your neighbours won’t object, as long as you obey all the home extension rules.

While you convince your neighbours, make certain that you will be able to put up with all the inconvenience involved with the construction work. It would be wise on your part to shift some of your possessions into the storage room to avoid serious damage to valuable goods.


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