Get MOT test and car servicing from a licensed garage

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Mot test is done to keep your car road worthy and to make sure that the car is within legal limits. Only if you service your car, there are chances that your vehicle will pass the test.

O, it is just like an examination! So people try to run away from it. Yes after testing mot Bexhill, your car will be offered a certification. A report card is issued and passing or failing all depends on how you maintain your car.

There are certain benchmarks or criteria the vehicle needs to fulfil to pass this legal test. If your automobile is well maintained, you can proudly claim it to be road worthy. Keep your vehicle in top notch condition so that there is nothing lacking in your vehicle. You simply cannot avoid or delay in getting the test done.


car servicing bexhill


Is your car within legal limits?
The two basic reasons for examination are recognition and accreditation. The initial MOT must be done after three years from purchasing the vehicle and then on you must get it on an annual basis. Do keep in mind that the test includes the road worthiness of an automobile but does not take into consideration the typical mechanical attributes. The engine condition, gearbox and clutch are a disregard.  The things that are considered are:


  • General vehicle structure
  • General driver appliances
  • Brakes, tires and wheels

But the test checks the motor in details from windscreen, wipers, suspension to steering. The garages offering MOT in your locality also offers car repair Bexhill. After all it is a serious and a legal test.


car repair bexhill


Experience counts

Take your car is an experienced garage that is dedicated to offering car servicing in Bexhill. There are numerous outlets that offer MOT across the United Kingdom and the price for the test varies according to the location. Keeping the car clean is also a part of maintaining the vehicle. The car body must be well maintained, kept clean and maintained at regular intervals.


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