Use the right pigment to create exciting colors

Pigments are the main coloring agent in any product. The granularity of pigment particles is very important because it has a great impact on the colors.Pigment pastes are pigments that have high-dispersed suspension. They are bright and possess great stability, fastness and fineness.

The pastes are generally used for printing cotton, textiles, viscose, flax, blended fibers and polypropylene fiber. Red Oxide is one of the main components that is used in primers and paints for preventing rust. Iron oxide is made of iron and oxygen which also known as hematite.

Iron Oxide is a natural mineral deposit which is used as pigments. It is used in the world of art to create pigments in paint colors. If there is rust present on any iron oxide surface, the red oxide will adhere onto it with the help of chemical bonds.


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