Metal Stitching is the best way to repair your engine

If you notice a crack in your engine block, use torque wrench or hammer to stitch metal into the crack which is very much effective and safe when compared to welding.

An engine block is usually no big deal because a phone call to any auto shop is enough to resolve a crack. The most effective procedure for repairing an engine is by metal stitching which is also known as metal locking. It involves very less cost and is a very simple way to perform the task. There is no welding involved while repairing a crack in the engine. In this process, the crack is stitched with the help of hammer, drill machine or torque wrench. The finished product is attractive because the threads are not visible after the stitch.

Casting crack repair is not an easy task because no two pieces of cast iron are the same. Cast iron is very brittle and contains high carbon content and repairs are usually carried out for broken casings or cracks. Heat treatment is the best way to repair casting crack. While welding cast iron, small cracks are bound to occur and treating them is also easy. Apply sufficient amount of sealing compound to arrest leakage. But in case of major cracks you have to follow the complex process called studding which involves skills and expertise.

Forging is a procedure that transforms metal into several products while it is in molten state. It is considered an important process for various industries like construction, automotive, manufacturing, metallurgical and aerospace. Crack Forging Machine Repair is applied to treat alloys at very high temperature which causes blanks due to the application pressure. During this process, the dense alloy is cracked down into several parts. While this process is being performed, the glass forge lubricant frees the metal from useless agents and a liquid glass coating is accumulated over the metals. Forging is performed in order to improve the metal structure, malleability and ductility which make the metal best for usage.

You must always lubricate the bearings by putting sealant or epoxy with metal stitching because installing in dry condition may cause severe damage to the engine.


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